Where a Dog can be a Dog!

Where a dog can be a dog!!

Small pack of 4 to 6 per group

Does your dog need more than regular daycamp? Dogs feel complete in a pack with an alpha. Off-leash Camp provides the exercise, socialization and where a dog learns how to be in a pack with an alpha. I have been doing these adventures for years and dogs in the group love the car-ride, the open spaces as they explore and run and chase and learn how to be a dog with each other and the games they play where they are free to be dogs.

It doesn't matter the size or age of the dog if they are adventures they love it!!!

  • Videos and pictures always provided
  • We pick up the group between 9-10 AM M-F
  • Return between 2-3 PM
  • includes towel dry and tired happy dog.

All year round fun whether its rain, shine or snow - like the post office!!!

​See our rates page for pricing and package deals.
Off-Leash Adventures